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I Provide Virtual and In-Person services for women in need of Fertility Counseling, Lactation Consultation, Nutrition, Prenatal Education and Postpartum Support

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What Is a Breastfeeding Counselor?

A Breastfeeding Counselor is a Certified and trained professional who educates & supports families who are thinking about breastfeeding, or already are and need support and education to be successful in their journey.

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More about me through my personal blog along with guest features, educational articles and links to other pages which can serve to also teach and support

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My Practice

As a working and breastfeeding mom myself, I understand completely where you’re coming from when you feel lost, overwhelmed or just straight up OVER IT! Thankfully I am here to help guide you through it all


I am here to answer any questions that you may have and serve as a source of support when you feel overwhelmed or lost.

— Priscila